8v Build~84 Rabbit Wolfsburg Drop top

Its been 12 years since I started this blog on vwvortex (https://www.vwvortex.com/threads/8v-build-84-rabbit-wolfsburg-drop-top.4984133/page-10#post-115101885) and photobucket.com (owned by disney) has threatened to take down all my images. They did.

They started with a threat and extortion of $400 to keep the images up online. I never made a cent because it was posted to a forum. At least 9 online magazines also published my blog (without permission). The article has had 174,000 views just on Vortex.

I think it’s time to make a custom blog here on my own website, so the last month has been all about downloading the pictures from photobucket and reorganizing the text. It will be available at rabbitissimo.com as soon as I can reformat everything. Every single repair ever done to the car. Which is almost everything. Please be patient, this is a huge undertaking. hope to see you here!

Rabbit restoration

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