The rebuild
After I bought this car (for 50 bucks) I realized it needed a total rebuild. It was bucking, needed a fuel filter and a lot of attention. Since I knew absolutely nothing about cars, I researched the internet and found almost no knowlege about the car, and a lot of advice to buy the bentley manual. So I bought the manual.
This ended up being the best idea ever, because it included the most important parts I could find on the internet and way more info specific to the car.

A life well lived is one of expression; many skills to offer from experience. This website will offer my famous 84 Volkswagen drop top rebuild restoration, as seen on many online car magazines first offered on… As well as woodworking videos that will offer advanced knowlege of joinery and wood movement… Videos of animation I make and paintings… Music I create… Custom tailoring and upholstery… Drawings over the years… Electronics projects (such as custom battery setups, off grid music systems and sound reactive led light arrays). And best of all perhaps; video of ongoing music projects and synthesizer exploration.

Ming Garden by Rabbitissimo
Armoire in glue up clamps by Rabbitissimo
Inside of armoire by Rabbitissimo
Rabbitissimo 84 Wolfburg drop top blog finally on its own website

Finished Engine bay 1984 Wolfsburg Rabbit Convertible by Rabbitissimo